Brandon Puckett breathes branding, marketing, and design like oxygen. With a Masters in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University, he was propelled directly into the creative business world.

He started out working in the exciting Hollywood California’s event and design world. International experiences and living in diverse cultures have influenced Brandon’s life. As an entrepreneur, his imagination and comprehension of business principles, experimentation, and design approach, while residing in Los Angeles, CA, gave Brandon opportunities to work with many spectacular and cutting-edge companies and organizations. His ability to think out of the box and take on the unknown, allows his creativity to flow and get the job done both effectively and efficiently.

Brandon Puckett hold's the position of Creative Director for Lucas Group and Sticky Agency in Los Angeles, CA. He oversaw how to best visually represent a concept by developing the overall look and style of the corporate and subsidiary brands, advertising campaigns, events, magazine publications, social media and more. Brandon has been in the core team, responsible for producing many successful brands and companies from the ground up.

This portfolio highlights his background in creating and developing original new brands and marketing campaigns through unique design concepts and ideas.
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